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TaxACT(R) Offers Taxpayers Affordable and Easy Tax Filing Solutions With Fast Refunds


TaxACT 2011 Enables Users to Maximize Their Tax Savings Within a Short Time

The latest version of TaxACT 2011 which is also the Final Version has just been released by 2nd Story Sofware(R).

Lance Dunn, the CEO of the company claims that the new version makes is easy for taxpayers to file their returns and get refunds. Using software to file returns is much cheaper than opting for storefront operations.

With the Deluxe, State and Federal editions of the TaxACT software for iPads, taxpayers can now e-file state and federal 1040 returns.

The program also allows users to transfer key data from last year’s returns regardless of how they filed last year’s 1040 returns. For instance, taxpayers who are using the Deluxe can import the TaxACT returns from last year while other users who are using any of the other 11 solutions can import last year’s returns in form of PDF.

The software has tools that allow users to do their taxes confidently. The program has robust search capabilities as well as free personalized help. In case of any problem, users can contact customer support for technical assistance.

The website allows taxpayers who file their returns online to check the status of their state and federal returns 24 hours a day. Users can also check their returns using their mobile phones at

Taxpayers who are using the program have several refund options. Users can get refunds from their federal returns in as little as seven days.

The Free Federal Edition of the program has no restrictions and can be used to file complex returns. This tool is the best solution when it comes to filing both complex and simple returns.

The Federal Edition makes tax filing very easy as it has e-filable forms. It has schedules and forms for rental property income, self employment investment and business income.

All the products from TaxACT are affordable, risk free and come with price and money-back guarantees. Furthermore, State and Deluxe users are not required to pay unless they view PDFs, print or e-file their returns.

The Tax Rate For US Corporations And Microsoft

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The US 2011 tax revenue should be higher than ever, if you look at the surging profits of corporations like Microsoft and others, but you may want to look at their quarterly results for some clues as to what’s happening to US corporate taxes.

Things were looking pretty good for Microsoft at the end of 2010, with a 30 percent increase in profit and a gain of roughly 35 percent per share. At the same time, the IRS and other countries didn’t see numbers anywhere near that.  In the United States Microsoft paid just under $500 million in taxes, and in other countries, they were paying as low as 7% rates on their multiple billions of dollars in profits.

Considering how important the deficit is in the political world today, along with the condemnation of companies who use overseas accounting work to get out of a good amount of their taxes, it’s interesting to see how Microsoft’s accounting wizards were able to work their number down to such a low amount.

Part of this, in fairness, was from an overpayment in the past, as well as Microsoft themselves generally overestimating the taxes they owe in a given year.  And they may be doing more business with individuals purchasing their products in other countries as well, but it’s hard to guess at what effect that may be making.

But it’s clear that Microsoft is able to channel buyers through the countries of Puerto Rico, Singapore, and Ireland, countries with extremely low tax rates.  By working through these countries, they are able to get around much of the amount they should be paying.

The standard tax rate on a United States corporation is 35%.  When Microsoft pays less than half that, you can see that revisiting the US corporate tax law may be necessary.