How Pattison Won The Latest H and R Block Giveaway

The recent “Grand in Your Hand” giveaway winner, the H and R Block Giveaway, is Bridgette Pattison, a resident of Lima. The month-long give away is taking place at H & R Block offices throughout the nation.

This year, Pattison’s tax return included an extra $1,000, which is a great reward for having H & R Block prepare her taxes. She was initially apprehensive when she received an email requiring her to fill an online form that included her social security number.  Nonetheless, she made up her mind to take a chance and complete the form. The online form permitted H & R clients to drop their signature from their tax return directly on the form, submit it and stand a chance to win. On February, Pattison was notified that she had won the giveaway.

H and R Block Giveaway
stevepb / Pixabay

Pattison, who has been residing in Lima for three years and a mother of two, was delighted at the news. She plans to use the monetary reward to visit her family back home in Kansas. Pattison is also a long-term H & R Block client, having utilized the company’s services since she was eighteen years. Kim Milliman at the H&R Avon office prepared her taxes for this year. The firm was pleased that one of their customers was the winner of the prestigious prize.

When the check was presented to Pattison, the entire office staff, including owner Dawn Every, celebrated the occasion by serving up a cake. The company has been fortunate so far to have three winners during the H and R Block Giveaway promotion. The office notified everyone on Monday that they had a third winner. However, the identity of the winner was not made public immediately.