Rapper Ordered To File Back Taxes

File Back Taxes

“I was underground” was the excuse Grammy-winning singer and rapper Lauryn Hill gave to explain why she did not file back taxes between 2005 and 2007.  The IRS claims she owes three years in back taxes.  On her Tumblr account, Ms Hill said she had not filed because she wanted to protect her family.   Being “underground”, she surmised that filing her taxes would endanger herself and her family.  However, the government did not agree with her and said she is facing three counts of misdemeanor for not paying back taxes on her $1.6 million income.

Ms. Hill asserted in her Tumblr account that she had every desire to “rectify this situation.”  The 37-year-old resident of New Jersey said that she had left public life to get away from the “distortion and compromise.”  In the early part of her career, Ms. Hill gladly paid her taxes.  The former star of the Fugees posted that she did not abandon her fans on purpose.  She did what she felt was right for herself and her family.   She said she had the right to resist a system that was opposed to her personal survival.  Making her file back tax would have jeopardized that.

Lauryn Hill has been ordered to appear before the court on June 29th.  If convicted, Ms. Hill could serve a one year imprisonment and pay $300,000 dollars in fines because she did not rectify the situation.   The court rejected her reason as to why she did not pay back taxes.  Although this is not a great deal of money for the singer-actress, she feels she has a legitimate case against having to file back tax.

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