What You Did Not Know About The Brownback Tax Plan

Poor Kansans would be affected most by the Brownback tax plan

Sam Brownback, Kansas Governor, came up with this new tax plan with the aim of overhauling the Kansas tax code.

Under the new tax plan, taxpayers who earn less than 25,000 dollars per year will be required to pay 156 dollars more in income taxes. In contrast, more than 21,000 taxpayers who make more than 250,000 annually will get an average reduction of around 5,200 dollars in income taxes.

On average, 185,692 taxpayers who earn between 50,000 dollars and 75 dollars will pay 282.90 dollars less in the proposed plan.

These figures were concocted by Kansas Department of revenue and not by some special interest group.

After submission to a special senate committee that specializes in tax codes, the plan raised a storm as critics say that its a government conspiracy to shift the cost of running the government from the rich to the impoverished Kansans.

Anthony Hensley minority leader called it, Robin Hood in reverse. He said that the plan would basically rob the poor to make the rich richer.

The Brownback administration insisted that the plan is meant to help the most impoverished Kansans.

Nick Jordan, Revenue Secretary, claimed that the plan would create new economic opportunities across the state for all Kansans regardless of their income level.

The tax plan lowers the tax bracket for the lowest earners, those earning less than 15,000 dollars, to 3 percent from 3.5 percent and that of the highest earners from 6.45 to 4.9 per cent.

The intention of the state was to make 2012 taxes flatter and simpler for all Kansans.

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