Student Credit Cards that have 0% APR

The success of this offer has a lot to do with the attitude of the person holding the credit card towards money and his or her finances. There are those who go through trouble because of this supposedly amazing offer.

Companies can inform you that 15 days after you have received the notification, the interest rate on your credit card can climb up to 15% to 30% from 0%. They might have offered you a grace period which might have just caused for more debt to pile up. The saddest part about it is that you might not be allowed to pay it off before the interest rate gets adjusted and they may allow you to send only the minimum payment.

This is the reason why it’s always best to read the Terms and Conditions on the card so that you’d know how and when the interest would change. An instant student credit card could have an interest of 0% for 6 or 12 months depending on the offer of the credit card company.

When I was in college, I had a lot of debt because of a failed business venture and I felt hopeless. I had to find a job so that I could be able to pay the debt. I took a cash advance for $10,ooo at that time to pay off my debt. I had until December to pay it off but it was in August that I realized that I won’t be able to pay it off on time although I have already improved my spending and had a good job. I then found another company that offers an APR of 0% for 12 months and grabbed the opportunity. I paid the first loan through the second and this bought me 12 more months.

It depends on how you use offers for zero and low interest student credit cards to your own advantage.

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