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How To Get A Tax Credit For Retirement Savings

If you want a tax credit for retirement savings contributions, you might be able to get it if you already make eligible contributions to your company sponsored plan. It all is based on how old you are and how much you are earning.

How much you can get back

Should you be making eligible contributions to an IRA, 401k or another retirement plan, it might be possible to get a credit of as much as $1,000-$2,000 if you are married and filing together. The credit is based on a percent of the contribution amount. The lower your income, the … Read more at 2011 Tax.

The Best Retirement Calculator for Financial Planning

Choosing to work on a personal financial strategy is made easy when using tools like the best retirement calculator. Enlisting the help of tools used by experts is always the best way to go. Nothing can be more helpful to financial planning than having tools that will make that planning easy to understand. The numbers matter. The tools needed must be reliable and accurate.

Retirement Savings Calculator

The retirement calculator has the strongest potential for making or breaking a savings plan. While the program is created by some engineer, it is the end-user being able to read the output that … Read more at 2011 Tax.

Pros and Cons of 401k rollover to IRA

A 401k rollover to Individual Retirement Account (IRA) situation usually denotes a movement from one employer to another. Instead of en-cashing the 401k account, the recommended choice when you decide to switch employers is to rollover your 401k to your IRA. The IRA is an account which helps you to lower your investment related expense and can give you more choice in investment opportunities.

Having an IRA can be advantageous in many different ways. It is a good option to manage your investment portfolio and saving on administrative and management cost. With an IRA, you can develop your investment … Read more at 2011 Tax.

Free 401k Advice for Plan Participants.

This article will focus on the latest trend in the 401k space ~ “free” 401k advice!

To begin with, the Pension Protection Act of 2006 which came into effect in January of 2008, includes a provision for plan providers (the vendor that provides you company with your 401k plan platform) to offer plan sponsors (your company) the option for plan participants (you) to pay for independent third party investment advice with pre-tax money from your plan assets. Granted this is not free but it gives the plan participant the choice to use pretax dollars vs. writing a check for … Read more at 2011 Tax.

Are Annuities a Good or Bad Investment?

The truth is that annuities can be a very good investment for the average person. The advantages to investing in annuities definitely outweigh the risks.

Many people think that annuities are a bad investment because they think that annuities only pay a fixed return. This is only true if a person buys a fixed annuity. There are a wide variety of annuity products that offer a variable return comparable that on mutual funds. These include variable annuities and indexed annuities.

Others think that annuities are a bad investment for average people because they have to be purchased immediately in one … Read more at 2011 Tax.

A Flexible Retirement Plan;Roth IRA

A Roth IRA is a retirement plan with great flexibility, this accounts for its popularity. Along with flexibility comes a few Roth IRA rules, advantages, and disadvantages. To obtain money from an account tax free a few rules apply. The account must be at least five years old currently, and for amounts drawn on growth over principal the owner must be 59.5 years old. The only other rules apply to income levels, regarding how much money can be contributed.

If you have an existing IRA converting to a Roth IRA is easy, and the funds transferred can be withdrawn penalty … Read more at 2011 Tax.

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